Monday, January 12, 2009

Well......can you tell that I am having a little trouble with this........It's not that I don't like writing....really I DO! It's just that I always seemed to have a little trouble keeping a diary or journal as a kid, or even as an adult. I guess I feel like I really need to have something magnificent to say or to talk about to make it worth your while to come visit the Blog.

I don't have that tonight......I just want to tell each of you how grateful we are to have you in our lives. I think that it's a combination of the Christmas season and the New Year that gives us a chance to step back and slow down for a minute and think about all of our blessings, I include each one of you in that.

Your children are learning and growing each day. we see it on their faces, in their posture and in the way they talk to us and their classmates. I hope that you see it too!!

Now for a little bit of Sweetwater Bay business..........February 26 - March 1 I will be attending our annual American Montessori Society Conference in Louisiana. I'm quite excited.....I look forward to it each recharges my battery and I have the opportunity to be amongst my peers. We exchange ideas, reminisce, get no sleep and take in all we can. They allow us to observe other Montessori schools in the area, and because it will be in Louisiana there will be some humanity workshops for us to assist with.

In January we started a Montessori Infant program. It is in Chelsea Read's home (Swayzie and Hudson), we take in children as young as six weeks. The ratio is one to three, we were able to fill it quite fast.

Our vision is to eventually also include a Toddler program, and to all be housed in the same facility.

I will post pictures tomorrow along with how we are spending our time in the classroom.

So stay tuned............

Ms. Carolyn